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Website Hosting Services

Our website hosting services is done via our WordPress server has been specially designed to offer the fastest and most secure WordPress Hosting Platform for your website. Optimized with LightSpeed and LS Cache for performance stability and security.


Light Speed Webserver

Blazing Fast and easy to manage, reduce website response times and visitors capacity to your site with our website hosting services.

Unlimited traffic

No need to upgrade when your bandwidth limit exceeds your package.

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Popular Website Hosting Services Packages




Get Free domain and SSL Certificate


Do I need to sign a contract?

No all our packages is on a month to month basis. We do however charge a once off installation and design fee of R500 to start. (non refundable)

Can I upgrade or downgrade my website package?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package within 1 month notice.

Does your packages include SEO?

Yes, we include SEO in all our website packages so that you can be found on google.

What else does the monthly package include?

All updates and maintenance done on a monthly basis on your website. Changes to extra information you want to add or change.

Can I sell products online?

Yes, we make use of woocommerce to setup products for your online store. Pleas note: you will have to complete certain criteria as well to assist with keeping your products updated. 

Do I need to pay extra for templates?

Our Default templates for website are for free, if you need any further advanced templates they are available at a extra charge. Note: templates bought is non refundable.

Website Hosting&Design
If unsure which package will be the best for you please let us know as well.
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