Telkom prepaid lte data deals

Telkom LTE Reseller Opportunity

Start your own Telkom LTE Data Reseller Business and sign up new customers on Telkom Prepaid LTE Sims.

Build up an annuity income stream by signing up Telkom LTE Prepaid Customers.

Opportunities Available

  • All suburbs covered by the Telkom LTE Network but do not have fiber access will have a demand for these services.

  • Schools – supporting teachers and scholars – this is the best offer and biggest saving for online schooling.

  • Business – work from home solution.

  • Big Corporates – with employees who have to work off-site or from home.

  • Individuals can now have their own WiFi and not be reliant on public areas with bad WiFi speed

How will your customer have to recharge there sims.

  • Individuals can register a free account to recharge their Sims on the Smartcall Online Store – and use the Telkom balance enquiry to check their balance.

  • Agents can use the store to recharge the clients on sigh-up and show the clients how the shop works for future recharges.

  • Corporates or Companies who want to recharge for their staff can also use the website.

Companies, Businesses or Schools who want to manage the recharge process for their staff can register a free account on the Smartcall Online Store

Once the Sims are registered users will have access to a daily report to manage balances and identify which Sims need to be recharged

STEPS TO RECHARGE Telkom Prepaid LTE Sims online.

  1. Logon at and register an account using the company details and credit card.

  2. Select “Recharge” from the menu on the left side

  3. Select the number to recharge

  4. Enter Staff Name and Telkom Cellphone number to recharge

  5. Select the Network Telkom Type LTE Data, 10 gig package R99 – Note: LTE must be selected, not Standard Data

  6. Click “Save Contact” for future recharges

  7. Click “Recharge”

After following all the steps, an invoice will be generated and sent to the registered e-mail address.

To start receiving annuity income customers will have to recharge there sim on the online store.

Check if you have LTE Coverage in your area

To check if your customers have LTE Telkom coverage go to

Register as an agent

E-mail your details to

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Physical address (where we courier the Telkom Sim cards to)

  • Cellphone Number

  • Email address

  • Copy of your ID so we can register you as a Rica Agent

We will register your own LTE Code and register you as a RICA Agent

Income streams available

Monthly annuity stream on all recharges done by your customers on the online store.

Activation bonus on each sim that you rica and activate on the Telkom LTE network

Complete contact form for income streams available

How to RICA Sim Cards

Using USSD – dial *130*7422# from your phone and follow the USSD string.

  1. Select Register

  2. Select the Network

  3. Select Sim Card Number (this is the number on the new Sim – the cellphone number will be allocated after RICA is done)

  4. Enter the customers details

  5. Submit

After the RICA is complete, put the new Sim in the customers phone and connect it to Telkom – the customer will receive an SMS with their new number

You can now recharge the Telkom Sim with the LTE Package at and activate the service for your client.

After that they can login and recharge their own sims or their employer can do this for them – depending on their arrangement

What does it cost to start?

  • R299 – includes 50 Telkom LTE Data Sim Cards + Delivery
Telkom Prepaid LTE Data Business Opportunity
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