Nokia 1.4 month to month prepaid contract

R596.00 per month

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Nokia 1.4

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What deal will you most likely qualify for?

Affordability check

Salary payment received (income) x 8%

Example 1: Earn Salary of R10 000 x8% = R800 pm

You should then be approved for any of our deals that is R800 below.

Example 2: Salary Earnings of R6000 pm x 8% = R480 p/m

You should be approved for any of our deals that is below R480


  • Upfront payment of a FULLY REFUNDABLE activation fee, equal to one months payment is required. After the subscription period the activation fee is refunded or transferred to a new subscription.
  • 30 Day WhatsApp data of 750MB data is included as a standard with all handset deals and is doubled up to 1,5gb data from month 4 without any additional cost.
  • No SIM or device delivery fees are applicable in case you agree to port your existing cell phone number to your new SIM Card.
  • Terms and Conditions are stipulated in the Subscription Agreement which needs to be signed and sent back in order to activate the agreement as well as the warranty on devices.
  • Cancellations of Subscriptions Agreements will be accepted as per terms of such agreement and upon receipt of a the cancellation instruction available. 

What is the refundable activation fee?

Refundable activation Fee applicable – as we do not do credit checks and rather check for affordability – Refundable activation fee equals to 1 month payment is required before the phone deal will be released.

For example: R600 p/m phone deal – refundable activation fee will be R600 – 1st payment R1200, thereafter R600 monthly.

*See terms document as well that we will send after you have been approved.

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