MTN Uncapped Voice

MTN Network Coverage

GSM Desktop|Topups Prepaid

Get Great Reception and National Coverage in South Africa on the MTN Network

R445 per month MTN uncapped voice

2 phone options

FREE Desktop Phone

GSM Desktop|Topups Prepaid

FREE Cordless

cordless|Topups Prepaid

Make phone calls to any Local-Cellular-National Destination in South Africa.

Some Features

Plug and Play Solution

no data connection required

NO risk of cable theft

NO pabx required

Port your existing Telkom number

Get new GEographical number


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can choose between 12-24 or 36 month contract.

Yes, please read the terms and conditions on your application form.

We will replace the unit for you at no cost.

Yes, you will be credit vetted as this is a contract.

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