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Is Selling Airtime Vouchers still worth it?

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Gone are the days that persons who sold airtime vouchers from their shops or store or in a personal capacity with the normal paper vouchers and the high profit margins that was offered by the networks.

So is it sill worth selling airtime vouchers to your customers base? With technological enhances today we would say yes it is still worth it to give your customers this extra service that they need from your shop or retails outlet. Should you not provide these services you can potentially loose as customers will just go and use the next shop where they can go and buy there airtime vouchers and the other item that they were looking for.

With today’s airtime vending machines you can sell a wider range of services and products to your customers that just airtime and data vouchers.  Other services that you can now serve your customers with is LOTTO Vouchers -DSTV payments- Hollywood Bets-money transfers and Bill payments of certain providers just to name a few.

We cover most municipal areas for the vending of municipal and ESKOM prepaid electricity vouchers as well. Please note that with electricity vouchers you can not sell the voucher for more than the customer is buying it for. You can also resell prepaid water vouchers to your customers in areas that is covered for this.

To start with Lotto Vending all that you have to do is the buy one of the airtime vending devices – load credit in your machines wallet and then start selling – no need to get any approval from Lotto South Africa directly, turning your outlet into a instant LOTTO selling providers. You can also payout winning numbers to the max amount of R2000 should you wish to do so. Winning tickers can also redeem their winnings from nearest LOTTO Kiosk at the bigger retail outlets.

Currently our Touchscreen airtime vending devices is R2799 per unit. You also get 3 month warranty on the battery and 12 month warranty on hardware. Should you want more information or want to order please contact us at sales@topupsprepaid.co.za or whatsapp number: 066 292 0905

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