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RICA Information

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Subscription Sign Ups

Applicable to all products where you see the subscribe now buttons

  1. When submitting the subscribe now button follow steps to complete and setup your subscription service for the relevant data sim  deal.
  2. The initial amount will be more than your monthly payment as it includes activation fee of the data sim as well, from month 2 will only be for your monthly amount for data.
  3. Please make sure that you have relevant coverage of the product/service in your area. Check coverage maps (whatsapp 0662920905 to confirm as well)
  4. We will contact you for your nearest delivery locker/paxi point.
  5. Wait for delivery of your sim card card or router/sim combo.
  6.  Start surfing!

All subscription payments will run on the 28th of every month to receive your data allocation for the new month

Prepaid Contract phones

Your SIM Card, together with your new device, will be couriered within 10 working days from receipt of both the refundable activation fee as well as the first month’s airtime subscription. (When you are approved/successful with your application)

In case a courier is used, please allow 2 to 5 working days for delivery.

Your SIM card will be activated as soon as you confirm that you have received your SIM card and handset, if applicable.

Delivery FEE: R99

if you port your number no delivery fee applicable.

Order and collect at PARGO parcel points.

Cash Cellphones

Your new phone  will be couriered within 7 working days from receipt of payment via one of our payment options.

Delivery Fee Pudo Lockers: R50

Direct Door: R99

Our Preferred method is via PUDO lockers -direct door is also available.

LTE Data Sim cards

Your new sim or sim wit router  will be couriered within 3- 7 working days depending on stock availability.

Should we be out of sim stock for what so ever reason, it can take up to 7 days for delivery of your sim card.

Delivery Fee Pudo Lockers: R50

Direct Door: R99 

Paxi Points (pep or shoe city) R99

Our Preferred method is via PUDO lockers -direct door is also available.


All Fiber installations can take up to 30 days to complete depending on relevant suppliers back log and installation rate.

We will keep you posted on the progress of your application.

No Delivery Fee applicable.

CELL Data with Free Router

Once off activation fee,  is R349. The payment of the activation fee, together with the collection of the first month’s subscription, must be completed before the device(s) and SIM Card(s) are delivered. The method and timing of the payment of the activation fee will be discussed by your Purple Mobile Consultant.

Delivery FEE: R99

Order and collect at PARGO parcel points.


·         Due to the new Legislative requirements: the customer is required to present the following documentation to to us for verification:

·         Original ID document / Passport; and

·         Proof of Physical Address – Not older than 3 months

·         In the event that the Customer is unable to produce any of the above documents (identification and proof of address), Topups Prepaid will not be able to register the starter for RICA purposes

Payment Terms

Your can order and make secure payments via the Payfast Payment gateway for all your orders on our products.

Following payment terms is available for the purchase of your products.

RCS BNPP RVB|Topups Prepaid
credit card new|Topups Prepaid
Mobicred|Topups Prepaid
TymeBank|Topups Prepaid
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