our sim connects you to the nearest MTN- VODACOM or CELLC towers


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  • No Credit record needed
  • No fixed term contracts
  • Cancel anytime
  • Best Prepaid rates
  • Refundable activation fee

Hisense U40LITE

Hisense U40 lite cellphone deals

Hisense U50

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Hisense U50 lite

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  • No Credit record needed
  • No fixed term contracts
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Samsung Galaxy A3

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Samsung Galaxy A02

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Samsung Galaxy A12

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Nokia C10

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Nokia C20

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Nokia 1.4

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Nokia G20

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Mobicel Rio

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Mobicel Titan

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Mobicel Titan

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Vivo 1YS

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Vivo y12S

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Vivo y20

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  • In the instance where a handset is included, the upfront payment of a FULLY REFUNDABLE holding deposit, equal to one months payment, is required. The payment of the holding deposit, together with the collection of the first month’s subscription, must be completed before the device and SIM Card are delivered. The method and timing of the payment of the holding deposit will be discussed by your Next Cellular Consultant.
  • FREE WhatsApp data includes 750MB data every 30 days. In the instance of handset deals, FREE WhatsApp data is doubled up to 1,5GB data from month 4 without any additional cost
  • No SIM or device delivery fees are applicable in case you agree to port your existing cell phone number to your new Next Cellular SIM Card
  • Terms and Conditions are included in the Frequently Asked Questions sections below. Please read carefully, as acceptance of those, before submitting your application
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Most frequent questions and answers

Next Benefits entitle you to discount vouchers from major retailers Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Dischem to a minimum value of R750 per month from each retailer. Your Next Cellular cellphone number is your username for logging on to Next Benefits and start claiming your benefits.

Next Cellular requires a Debicheck mandate to be authorised by yourself at your bank. 

You will receive a message from your bank on your cellphone requesting you to authorise the monthly payments on a day coinciding with your salary payment date.

Where a handset is included, a separate

mandate will be created for the payment of the holding deposit.

In case of a handset being included in your subscription, Next Cellular requires you to port your existing cellphone number to your new SIM card so that you retain your number.

The porting process will commence as soon as you have received your new device and/or Next Cellular SIM Card.

Next Cellular will lodge a porting request to the network associated to your number for release to Next Cellular.

The process should take between 24 and 48 hours to complete.  

It is important to know that porting is not a one step process and that a few hours of interrupted or unavailable services may be experienced. We do ask for your patience in this regard as the process is not entirely under Next Cellular’s control. Instances were experienced in the past where a porting request had to be lodged multiple times due to non cooperation of the network having to release the number as they are losing a customer.

Next Cellular loads airtime and data for subscription agreements on the 1st, 7th or 14th calender day of every month. Airtime and data is valid for 30 days.

On return of your handset, in a good working condition, non damaged screen and with its original packaging, no sooner than 18 months after receipt of the handset.

Refund is also subject to the subscriber not having had any defaults on the payment of its account.

You may request to keep your handset after 18 months in case you are prepared to waive your holding deposit.

Report the incident to us in order to blacklist the phone via its IMEI code and serial number and to deactivate your SIM. Next Cellular will issue you with an ITC number which you will require to file a statement with SAPS.

Next Cellular will replace the phone and enter into a new agreement if the subscription has been running for more than 6 months.

The subscriber will be required to pay another holding deposit amount. 

Please email us  with a request for a SIM Swap and your cellphone no.

We will courier you a new SIM card at a charge of R100,00 including courier costs.

Key specifications of devices are listed on this website. By accepting the T&C’s the applicant accept those specifications as well as any colour the phone may be.

Please note that colours of devices may differ and cannot be guaranteed, regardless the colour of the phone per artworks displayed on this site. Subscribers agree to accept the colour of the handset.

Next Cellular does not perform credit checks but we do require the applicant to be full time employed with an active bank account older than 9 months, of which the last three months’ statements need to be submitted.

When you port your number delivery is free, Standard courier fee of R120 may applicable for deliveries.

You may cancel your subscription at any time through emailing us with the request.

Your subscription will be cancelled upon receiving our acknowledgement of your request in the instance of a SIM only subscription.

In the instance where a handset was included, the handset needs to be returned to your designated Next Cellular Agent a good condition with its original packaging, upon which the cancellation will be acknowledged.

Please note that your refundable holding deposit is forfeited in the instance of cancelling the contract for any reason before 18 months since inception.

In case a debit order is unpaid, Next Cellular will provide the subscriber with an opportunity to make a manual payment  to charge the SIM Card with airtime at the next available recharge cycle. 

If the subscription amount remains unpaid in the instance of a SIM only subscription, the subscriber can top up airtime and data at a later stage on at normal pay as you go rates.

In the instance where a handset was included and the subscription amount remains unpaid without having received a cancellation request, the handset will be soft locked for a two week period or until the amount is paid.

Thereafter the device will be permanently locked and Next Cellular will proceed with steps to recover the device and/or blacklist the device as stolen with SAPS.

You will be legible to replace your handset for a new device after 15 months upon returning your used device in a working and undamaged condition and not having defaulted on any payments in the last 15 months.

Your number will be included in the communication despatched with the SIM card but can also be checked by dialling *177177# with the SIM in the phone.

In the instance of a SIM Only subscription, the activated SIM card is dispatched upon the successful collection of the first month’s subscription amount. 

Where a handset is included in the subscription, the activated SIM Card, together with the new device, can be collected from the designated Next Cellular Agent or be couriered upon receipt of both the refundable holding deposit as well as the first month’s airtime subscription.

In case a courier is used, please allow 2 to 5 working days for delivery.

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